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Camilla Jowett


What’s my role?

  • Liaising with staff

  • Liaising with Ofsted

  • Conducting annual appraisals

  • Chairing meetings and AGM’s

  • Managing the committee members

  • Fundraising /Grants


What you can come to me for?

  • General Pre-School operation queries

  • Ofsted related queries

  • Fundraising queries and ideas


Helen Clark 


What’s my role?

  • Managing the finances of the Pre-School

  • Ensuring bills are paid

  • Keeping financial records

  • Financial reporting and maintaining bank accounts


What you can come to me for?

  • Any queries relating to the financial operation of the Pre-School

  • Fundraising queries and ideas


Nathan Young


What’s my role?

  • Organising meetings, preparing agendas and taking meeting minutes

  • Dealing with correspondence

  • Consolidating and storing documentation and action logs

  • Fundraising queries and ideas


What you can come to me for?

  • Information about committee meetings (previous or upcoming)

  • Fundraising queries and ideas

Who we are?

Sutton Preschool is a charity, run by a volunteer parent committee, with the sole aim of providing the best friendly and affordable childcare we can. We currently have three committee members: Helen Clark (Treasurer), Nathan Young (Secretary) and myself, Camilla Jowett (Chair). Our role is to oversee the running of Preschool (everything from supporting staff to managing the accounts and coordinating administration). 


I have been connected to Sutton Preschool for some time.  As a parent, I’ve always been extremely impressed with the high level of care and dedication the staff give to each child’s early development. Now as Chair, my aim is to support everything that is great about Sutton Preschool and help carry this forward.


What makes us special? 

Most of all, it is our wonderful team of enthusiastic staff who create a safe, happy and nurturing environment in which the children are able to flourish. In addition, because we are a charity, all the money we raise goes towards providing first rate childcare to local families.


How can you get involved?

As a charity, we also rely on the generosity of our patrons and the wider community we serve to help finance larger projects (such as updating our outdoor play area and investing in new equipment) and on going fundraising.


If you would like to become a part of the Sutton Preschool team, either as a member of the committee or as a willing helper, we would love to hear from you. To express an interest in being more involved, to get more information, or just to have a chat, please do get in touch with me at:


Best wishes and I look forward to meeting you all soon.


Camilla Jowett

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