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We offer a Lunch Club follows every each morning Preschool session, running from 11:45pm to 12:45pm. You need to supply your child with their own packed lunch – no sweets, chocolate or nuts please. Ice blocks are recommended to keep any cool items fresh. Your child’s lunch box needs to be handed in to the supervisor, so they can be added to the register for Lunch Club that day. We provide water in a cup for every child unless they prefer to use their own water bottle. After your child has finished their lunch a variety of activities will be available to them, prior to home time or the afternoon session starting.

We would prefer that Lunch Club be paid for as part of the half termly fee’s bill if possible as it helps plan staffing levels, but it can be used on an ad-hoc basis if required.


We promote health and happiness at Preschool, inspired by the HENRY incentive. Sharing and enjoying food together has developed a great attitude to exploring new foods, understanding what healthy food is and enjoying it. We have grown food together and our strawberries and potatoes were a great success this year. We have cooked, baked, chopped and stewed and our snack times are like visiting our favourite café with our best friends.


We would also like to praise our parents for sending their children to preschool with well balanced packed lunches that perfectly supports their development of healthy eating habits. Of course, with all that fuel in us we need to vent that energy and build strong bodies. Based at the Village Hall we are very lucky to not only have great outside space but also a great indoor space. The large hall enables lots of opportunity for movement and regular, easy access to dancing, ring games, soft play, obstacle courses, action songs and one of our more recent developments, kids’ yoga which has proved very popular. Not content with all that we have been out and about in the village to enjoy the changing season on walks, rambles though the wood and playing in the park.

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