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Fees are payable half termly through an invoice presented to you by the Treasurer.

Fees can be paid by cash, childcare voucher, cheque or BACS, please ask for details.

In order to keep fees low, no refunds are made for non-attendance.

Arrangements to spread the cost of the fees, or if you feel that you may have difficulty paying them, can be discussed in confidence with either the Chairman or the Treasurer. In certain circumstances, your fees could be waived and a free place offered.

Morning Session (every day)                    8.30am  -  11.45pm             £17.88

Lunch Club (every day)                             1.45pm  -  12.45pm             £5.50

Afternoon Session (Tues/Wed/Thurs)     12.45pm  -  4pm                  £17.88

Transition Session (Mon Sept-July)            12.45pm  -  4pm               £17.88

Baby and Toddler Group (every Fri)         9.30am  - 11am                  £3 per family, (includes snack) 

Sessions are charged at the following rates.

We are fully participating in the governments free 30 hours scheme.

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